Project Description

The Great Fen Visitor Centre

A Living Land of Water and Sky

Whilst stillness and tranquility characterise the Great Fen, it is the epitome is change. It is a truly living landscape that breathes not only through a wonderfully rich interplay of natural systems, but also via the energies of those who have, and continue to shape its land and water. The visitor centre will provide a unique opportunity for visitors from near and far, to experience this continuing change firsthand. Designed as one, the building and its surroundings will undergo a constant process of adaption and growth.
Sleek contemporary design and a dynamic fractal landscape, inspired by the geometry of the Great Fen, will showcase natural changes and man made interventions as they happen. Some may last days, some months and others years. Each process will tell its part of the Great Story of the Great Fen, informing, inspiring and delighting every visitor, every time.

At the Fen’s core, the new visitor centre is a place where landscape and built form merge through the extrusion of forms, internal and external spaces interlock, people and landscape interact.

Bringing the distant horizon into focus, the created composition of elements bring distant habitats to the fore, creating new opportunities and ways to interact with the Fen, rewarding investigation and evoking response.

Slow creep and gentle shimmer – change and movement. In tune with the Fen, its new heart moves, grows and evolves in response to the Fen’s history and it’s future. Welcoming, accessible, flexible… delightful and fun.

Design in conjunction with Paul Hogarth and Philip Watts.